Back Pain

Back Pain Treatment in Cedar Springs

Back pain is a common condition that millions of people are dealing with right this second. And one of the reasons why is that this pain can be caused by many different things. From old age to sports injuries, back pain can happen from many different angles. But while it’s common to get back pain from time to time, treating it is what really matters. If this pain is treated properly, then it’s possible that this back pain could disappear for good.


If you want to work with a leading chiropractor in the area for outstanding back pain treatment, then turn to the top-notch team at Cedar Springs Family Chiropractic. From massage therapy to corrective exercises, we can help find the perfect treatment plan for you! Keep reading to learn more about how we treat back pain at our office.

Back Pain Treatment Options

If you’re an adult, then chances are you've probably had back pain at some point in your life. But while this pain might go away for a few days, it tends to return a few days or weeks later. To limit the pain and make strides towards fixing the issue, look at some common ways back pain is treated:

Chiropractic Care

If back pain keeps troubling you, then chiropractic care is one of the leading healthcare solutions to consider. From spinal manipulation to manual adjustments, a chiropractor will use various techniques depending on your needs and level of pain. If you are experiencing pain in your back, then we would love to see if we could help! Call us today to find a treatment plan that works for you!

Massage Therapy

Massage therapy is another very beneficial way to rid your body of back pain. Since this pain is frequently caused by tight and stiff areas along your spine, massage techniques are used to ease those tight muscles, promote blood flow, and to help your body restore what it needs to work at its best.

Corrective Exercises

Sometimes, a few simple exercises could be the answer to your back pain dilemma. Here at our chiropractic office, our team is very knowledgeable about many different types of corrective exercises that can make your pain disappear. Before you know it, these exercises will make you feel great!


Stretching is another smart tactic to help aid your back pain issues. Oftentimes, back pain can stem from problems in the neck or even your legs. To help ease any tightness and promote blood flow, stretching often can do wonders.

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